Location & History

The building in which the Platzhirsch is situated on the square around the Hans-im-Glück fountain exudes an incredible sense of calm and serenity. Right in the middle of Stuttgart’s nightlife hotspot par excellence. Nowhere are restaurants and bars so close to one another, nowhere is going out in the city more fun.

Directly at the Hans-im-Glück Fountain Stuttgart

The Platzhirsch is a two-story pub in a historic building with a small corner oriel facing the street at the fountain called “Hans-im-Glück-Brunnen”, and it offers plenty of space on two floors. In addition to the smoking area on the first floor and the non-smoking area on the upper floor, tables are also available facing the street and in the inner courtyard, where it is particularly pleasant to sit outside on warm summer days.

Composure in the face of changing times

While Stuttgart is changing constantly, the Platzhirsch location has remained absolutely true to itself for over 100 years. At Geißstraße 12, the saying goes: Always stay down to earth – since 1906, there has been an inn at this address, albeit with changing names and operators.


Reconstruction of the neighborhood in the center

The building at Geißstraße 12, which is now home to the Platzhirsch, was built in 1906 as a residential building with a restaurant. After 1900, due to the poor condition of many quarters, 10% of the old city center was redesigned and rebuilt.

Since 1909, the Hans im Glück fountain, created by Joseph Zeitler, has given the neighborhood its name. The redesign produced picturesque little houses in German Renaissance style: especially the archway to the adjoining house and the portal are quite remarkable. The oriel on the upper floor offers guests of the Platzhirsch an excellent view over the hustle and bustle of the square.


Tradition as a Bavarian inn

Prior to the Platzhirsch, the pub operated under the name of the Augustiner brewery, and later the traditional Mathäser pub was present at this location. So it’s a good tradition to maintain a bit of Bavarian tradition here with the beer selection. In 2010, the Platzhirsch took its place.

In order to preserve the listed historic building and the special flair of the house, the tables, benches and wooden panels in the pub have been preserved.
The Platzhirsch reinterprets what an inn/pub/tavern can look like in the 21st century without compromising on atmosphere.

… when will you show up?

Opening hours

Monday – Thursday:
11:00 – 01:00 Uhr

Friday- Saturday:
11:00 – 3:00 Uhr

13:00 – 00:00 Uhr